Conqueror Studio LLC

When you talk about working with the best company that has so many years of experience in the entertainment industry, you should think of Conqueror Studio LLC. We are a Los Angeles based company with a specific mandate of working with innovating and creative individuals who would love to be different from the crowd and showcase their brand and style.
Our ideas and decisions are totally based on a wealth of knowledge attributed to the years and period we have been working in the industry. For about two decades we have been producing, mixing records, and being an influential force in the world of creativity and entertainment. With the proper tools and our knowledge, you equip yourself on the road to success, and we are ready to raise your work to the next level by investing in your craft and brand.
We have set our targets, focus and mission on giving back to our community. At Conqueror Studio, we do not only talk about working with artists that are driven, and creative but we are also inclined to work with innovative minds that do not aspire to walk in any one's shadows because our job is to cultivate and develop such ideas and figments of your imaginations to reality.
At Conqueror Studio, we have a strong team of creative and client-focused staff that will go the extra mile just to fashion out that success story in your career. We are highly dedicated, talented and always ready to create that smart, innovative, and specially tailored brand which will have a lasting effect in the Entertainment Industry. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet up with people who love to help develop vision, taste, style, creativity as well as achievement.
We always strive to keep our artists creative, edgy and fresh just to achieve the needed goal. Being the best at what we do, we understand just how to work within the confines of a pre-determined brand strategy and budget which places us above other competition. We are equipped to provide a scalable and efficient brand which is just the best.