LAZARUS “Enemy and I”

Stay tuned for a new LAZARUS Facebook/Twitter profiles… Rap sensation LAZARUS has been pursuing his passion of songwriting and performing since 1990. His debut album “Here I Come”, which was released in March of 2000 established his place in the music world and earned him a large fan base. Taking charge of his own career from the beginning, LAZARUS writes and produces all of his songs and is involved with all work down to the finest detail. Hailing from Louisiana, LAZARUS comes from a very challenging and underprivileged background, marked with many mistakes and setbacks. His name LAZARUS, comes from the biblical story of LAZARUS who was given a second chance at life when Jesus awakened him from death. LAZARUS likens his own situation to the biblical Lazarus because he too has been given another opportunity to do things the right way. With West Coast sound flavored by his Deep Southern roots, his music has been inspired by the experiences and struggles of his past. Listen for his latest single “Enemy and I” on the soundtrack of the up coming film “Alpha Dog” (2007) starring Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone and others.

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